Christmas decorating ideas for Snowy White Wonderland Theme

Christmas celebration in snowy white wonderland with everything white can give you and your guests a totally new experience! You can turn your own home into a north pole like winter wonderland using our special Christmas decoration idea for White Christmas decor.


We suggest you to start from the outside lawn or yard and then move inside for decorations. For modern look you can combine red, golden or even black colours with your white Christmas decorations.

Christmas tree for white wonderland: You can select a lush green real or artificial Christmas tree and add single coloured ornaments like red, blue or golden. White Christmas tree can give an amazing effect too! There are artificial Christmas trees with frost effect to double your snowy experience at home! This can be a very good option if you are living in a part of the world that gets little snow during Christmas. You can choose from variety of Christmas trees according to availability of space at your home.

Snowy white wonderland theme  
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Ornaments for white Christmas decor : There are wide variety of white christmas ornaments available on line.You can use glass ball or shatterproof ornaments for basic decorations. Place them evenly starting from inside to outside on your Christmas tree.

Highlight your tree with some special white christmas ornaments like birds, reindeer,angels ,bears etc. One of our special suggestion is add true winter wonderland accent with an outdoor wintery figure like angels or white rendeers. You can even try making snowflakes using variety of material on your own!

White Centerpiece:

For an eyecatching center piece use White pillar candles and arrange them on a stylish candle stand. Take out your old white flower sprays or buy them to give your home a winter wonderland look!


White Garlands are amazing to create a soothing natural feel inside. Wrape them along your staircases or around the fireplace.

Use blue, pink, golden or just clear lights with White Christmas decoratioon theme. Place a lighted tree with twinkling LED or snowfall LED around your room.

These 7 Feet tall trees will surely give an amazing look to your winter wonderland theme party.

Wrap your lights around the pillars or just hang the strings in a passage to welcome your guest to your own winter wonderland!

How about setting up a winter wonderland scene with frosted tree decoration?

Decoration tip for white christmas decor:


Tie a bow on your furniture handles, mirrors etc and give them a special white wonderland touch using white ribbons. You can even tie a bow on your dining table chairs!

Best time to plan your winter wonderland themed Christmas celebration is now.