Easy diy crochet necklace

Recycling things gives true satisfaction that we are going green! Recycled fashion jewellery is even more fun to make! Few months back we got a big bunch of wooden beads from a broken car seat cushion! Beads were similar to those we purchase from craft store about a half inch long.


We came up with this easy to follow pattern to crochet around these wooden beads and made a beautiful necklace!

 We used cotton thread with 1.75mm hook to crochet around beads.

Recycle wooden Car seat cushion
Figure 1.1

For making this beautiful crochet necklace you only need to know basic crochet stitches.


Terms used in pattern

 ch = chain

sc = single crochet

sc2tog (invisible) = invisible single crochet decrese

 st = stitch


Pattern to crochet around wooden beads of car seat cushion:

Start with Chain 3, and slip stitch in to the first chain to form a ring.


Round-1 : make 6 sc into the ring (6)

Round-2 : 2sc in each sc (12)

At the end of round-2 your work will look like part-1 of the Figure 1.2. Using a contrasting yarn add a stitch marker.

Round 3 : Sc in first st, 2sc in next repeat 6 times (18)

At the end of round 3 your work will look like part-2 of the Figure 1.2.

crochet wooden bead
Figure 1.2



Round-4 to 7: Sc in each Sc(18)

At the end of round 7 your work should look like part3 (bottom) and part 4(top)  of figure1.2.

 Insert the bead and start round -8

Round-8: sc in next st, sc2tog in next , repeat 6 times(12) 

Ronnd-9:sc2tog 6 times (6)

Now, cut the thread leaving around 6 inch long tail. Using a needle join stitches tightly to finish the bottom. Pass the needle through the top and cut the yarn. You can checkout this video for understanding finishing.

Crochet about 7 or 11 beads.


diy necklace
Figure 1.3

 Using black thread make a string of beads leaving a loop at the end of the string.

diy crochet necklace
Figure 1.4

  Attach black string to the ends.

diy crochet necklace
Figure 1.5

Your DIY crochet necklace is ready to wear!


diy crochet necklace
Figure 1.6
Let us know your views on how did you find this tutorial and pattern.