Snowflake decorating ideas for winter theme

Snowflakes have some magic in its shape to attract children and adults alike! Our snowflake decorating ideas for door decor, centrepiece, candle holders and wreath are all DIY snowflake projects!

Quilled snowflake decorations

Making snowflakes using paper quilling art is real fun! Quilled snowflakes look marvellous hanging on Christmas tree. You can even try applying silver glitter on quilled snowflake to make it sparkle!

Prepare a set of four to five large quilled snowflakes with silver glitter and hang them on your dining table! An amazing table decoration is ready!

Make your own frosted glass tableware with snowflakes

Frosted glass tableware goes so well with winter theme! Renovate your old glassware with snowflakes on them.

You will need rubber gloves, brushes, glass etching cream and snowflake stencils ( you can even use vellum snowflake stickers). Put snowflake stickers or stencils on glasses. Wear your rubber gloves and get ready to use etching cream. Pour glass etching cream on plastic lined paper plate. Using brush cover your glass thoroughly. Leave the cream for about 10 minutes and rinse off the cream in running water.

Snowflake themed napkins using stencil

Making Snowflake themed napkins using stencils is so much fun to make. All you need is plain napkins and use this snowflake stencil tutorial to make one for yourself. You can even use them on any plain table mats and make a special snowflake theme placemat gset.

Make your own snowflake wreath

Snowflake decorating ideas An amazing snowflake wreath can be made using white glittery ribbon on floral ring tucked with plastic snowflakes! For detailed tutorial visit the toy box years.


Think of buying some Snowflake wall decor for your window glass.Why not make some paper snowflakes on your own and make a snowflake garland? Foil snowflakes hanging from the ceilling looks great with well lighted rooms.

How about using snowflake leds?