Crochet Christmas iPhone case

Your iPhone is going to collect lovely Christmas messages from all over the world for you! So, why not dress up your own iPhone as a Santa by making a cozy?

Crochet iPhone case for Christmas

Crochet Stitches used in this iPhone case:

SC: Single Crochet

Sc2tog: invisible decrease.

For red and white iPhone sleeve:

Make a chain of 32 (white yarn) to fit around your iPhone. You may need to adjust a stitch or two according to the yarn or hook size. Make sure you don’t stretch chain while wrapping it around your iPhone for measurement.

Rnd 1 -2 : sc into each chain stitch. Join the round with slip stitch.

Rnd 3 - * : Change the color to red and continue making sc  into each sc till you reach the desired length. Fasten off.

Turn the work inside out and join inside loops of every parallel stitches with slip stitch. Turn your work right side. 

Now your Christmassy red colored iPhone sleeve with white bottom is ready. 

For the flap of the cozy:

Round 1: Attach the white color to beginning of the top front edge of iphone case. Continue making sc on each sc for the front side edge. Around 15 stitches of the front side of the iPhone cozy. Change the color to red for remaining back side of the iPhone case. 

Round 2-*: Turn your work and sc in each sc. Since we are not making any turning chain we will reduce first stitch of every round thus making a perfect triangle for the flap! Continue till you have only one loop on the hook. Make a chain loop according the size of your button join with a slip stitch to the top of the triangle. Fasten off.

For the button:

Chain 3 and join to the first chain.

Round 1: make 5 sc in the round or into the magic ring.

Round 2: Place tiny button inside.

Round 3: Sc2tog till you finish.

Sew the button on front side of your iPhone cozy.

Santa Belt: With the black yarn make a chain as long as to fit it around the cozy. Sc in each sc to make it thicker.

Sew it around the cozy with black yarn and needle.

Make a tiny chain with orange yarn and sew it on to the front of the belt.

Crochet cell phone case for Christmas

You can either keep this lovely santa cozy for yourself or give it to your loved one as a gift!