Make Angel Ornaments

Making Christmas ornaments with kids is real fun. Kids have already made their own image for an angel by watching Christmas related movies and stories. Making Angel Ornaments will surely rejoice their Christmassy dreams.  

To make angel ornament you will need 

  • Cardboard
  • Golden net fabric measuring 12 X 6 inch
  • Any picture of a girl with angel like hair and look. ( you can find them in old books or magazines or just use any photograph or printout)
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • White ribbon
  • Orange thread
  • A needle


Make Angel OrnamentsCut the selected picture up to waist level as we will be using the upper body part of the picture for making angel ornament.

On a cardboard draw a long gown like design and a wings like design as shown in the figure below. Make sure length and width of the wings and the gown matches with the size of selected picture. 

 Make angel ornaments from old picture

Now, fold the golden net fabric length wise. Make running stitches along the edge.

 Make golden angel ornament gown


Gently slide the fabric into the middle of the tread making folds. Tie the ends of thread on the waist of the cardboard angel ornament. Continue making running stitches for the bottom of the gown to make sure it is not too fluffy. Complete your running stitches at the back of your angel ornament.

 Cardboard angel ornament with golden net fabric gown

Glue the upper body of angle.

 Christmas Angel ornament from old picture

We need to cover the waist with random bunch of threads.Tie a white ribbon around the waist.

 Christmas angel ornament

Cover the cardboard wings with glue and sprinkle glitter on it evenly. Dust off extra glitter.Glue the wings on the back of angle ornament.

 Add wings to Angel ornament

Make as many angel ornaments you want and tuck them on to the door of your child’s room for Christmas! You can simply glue it on a plain card stock along with a warm Christmas wishes to make a card!