Quilling tutorial for making Earrings

Rolling long stripes of paper on toothpick is such an easy thing to do however; it requires lot of patience and creativity to make different things out of them. 

Lets make some beautiful earring for Christmas stocking stuffer

To make a pair of quilled earrings you will need

• Quilling strips and a roller 

• Some Earring findings 

• Glue

• Craft paper

quilling tutorial for making earrings

Select quilling strips of two different colors. To cut long quilling strip into four equal parts fold it from the middle two times. So you will have four strips of each color. Make tiny paper beads as directed here.


Arrange alternate colored beads together as per desired length of earrings. Now, take any thick craft paper and make multiple folds such that folded part has approximately same length of your arranged beads.

 making quilled earrring

Take one long quilling stripe and roll it tightly around folded paper to make the outer ring. Secure the end with glue.

 outer ring for quilled earrings

Once the glue is dry pull the ring out of the folded paper.

Arrange beads inside the ring. 

 paper quilling tutorial for earrings

Finally, attach simple earring findings and a beautiful pair of paper quilled earrings are ready to wear!

paper quilling tutorial for earrings


 paper quilled earrings